The 2018 iPad Pro could integrate Face ID

Face ID made its appearance with the recent presentation of the iPhone X and it appeared to indicate that this new technology is destined to make a part of all future Apple products. For the moment, the next devices which are believed will be integrated are the new models of iPad Pro which will arrive this coming year.

This is what Ming-Chi Kuo says, the popular analyst of the KGI Securities company which in the past has made successfull predictions about the Cupertino company, which in a note for the public investors this morning has signalled that the 2018 iPad Pro will come equipped with Cameras with TrueDepth technology and will support biometric identification through Face ID.

If you do not know what Face ID is, it is a new facial recognition function developed by Apple and integrated in the iPhone X, capable of unlocking the cellphone with the face of the user. It is based on the cameras with TrueDepth technology that are found in the top part of the smartphone panel, which are equipped with infrared, an IR illuminator and a point projector. Thanks to this, the system can compose a detailed map of the face of the owner and makes photos in 3D to be able to identify them.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, at first there will be only the iPad Pro as the next product in integrating the facial identification, since it is the signature tablet of Apple. Furthermore, also consider that the new models of 2018 iPhones also will adopt TrueDepth cameras.

We foresee that the iOS devices that will equip TrueDepth cameras in 2018 will include the iPhone X and the new models of the iPhone and iPad”, the analyst has said. “For this reason, we believe that more developers will pay attention to the TrueDepth cameras and to the related facial recognition apps”. We hope that the biggest Apple promotion of the applications related with facial recognization encourages Android to dedicate more resources to the developement of apps and hardware of facial recognition.



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