Computer sales have grown after six years, thanks to HP

Sales of computers have grown for the first time in the last six years thank to the good commercial performance of actors like HP and Apple during the last trimester of last year, although with a loss of sales by Lenovo and Asus.

If you have bought yourself a computer this past Christmas it’s possible that it was an HP or HP Omen, the brand that has been able to distribute the most computers on a world-wide level during the whole course of 2017, according to data from the firm IDC, and surpassing for the first time in the last four years the Chinese company Lenovo. Although PC sales have grown by 0.7% in the last trimester compared with the same trimester of the previous year, looking at the whole year, PC sales have experienced a decrease of 0.2% compared with 2016.

The economic recovery, in which the public looks less at the price of the system, and the general good performance of HP computers, has allowed the North American firm to be able to distribute 58.8 million computers in 2017, compared to 54.8 million by Lenovo. Dell came a little behind with the distribution of 41.8 million, and Apple with 19.6 million.

The sale of HP computers has achieved an increase in volume of 8.2% compared to 2016, Lenovo has experienced a decrease of sales by 1.2%, while Asus continues falling with a loss of 10.6% compared to the previous year. The important growth of Apple stands out with Mac sales reaching 19.6 million units distributed and an increase of 5.9% in volume.

It is fitting to mention that this is not official data from each of the companies, but data which IDC manages. The official data from each company will supposedly be made known after some months with the presentation of the distinct financial results of the past fiscal year. If you need an affordable laptop, you’ll like this article: Gaming Laptop under 500

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