We are in 2018 and we continue installing optimizers on Android

Year 2018. The Android medium range hangs around 4 GB of RAM memory + 32 GB of internal memory, the high range dances between 4, 6 and 8 GB of RAM, and it reaches configurations of 64 to 256 GB RAM but… we continue using useless optimizers that do nothing.

It is time to talk, again, of why you shouldn’t install an optimizer on your Android, and of why the users keep installing these applications on their smartphones.If you want to know the whole truth about these cleaners, stay with us.

Why you should never install an optimizer

Learn how RAM works

Before installing applications which clear RAM like crazy, have you stopped to think about how it works? RAM memory, as its name indicates –Random Access Memory-, is a temporary storage, it has access to the system at every moment. It is a working memory, in which is loaded information relating to all processes that the phone has to manage.

If you open WhatsApp, the data will be sent to the RAM memory, and in a later opening of the app, since the process is already loaded, it will open much more quickly. The applications need to work in the background, and although you may not believe it, this does not destroy your battery or anything or the sort, the system already knows about how it must manage RAM. In a separate case is the application may have a null optimization, in which case the system itself cannot manage the resources which it demands correctly, and this is when problems arrive.

Android continues the maxim of “RAM not used, RAM wasted”. You may have 2, 3 and 8 GB of RAM, more than half of these gigabytes will always be occupied. Android distributes processes to maintain the maximum information possible in RAM memory, since it is the best way one has to manage the performance of the terminal.

The problem is that Android is free, and the developers can mess up making applications that demand too many resources. Applications like, for example, Facebook, are much more demanding on resources than they should be. Upon demanding so much of the system, this must alocate a large part of RAM memory to processes like Facebook, and take priority away from others that should be active, but they close so the app can remain open.

These inconsistencies are those which create problems, but the way of putting it right is not to install a cleaner. You will understand very easily, when you understand how a cleaner works, and what its true purpose is.

How cleaners work

The cleaners are basically for cleani… To make money. Full of advertisements, sending information to Chinese servers to make money (not all, but many), consuming more resources than they promise to save. In a nutshell, these applications have some basic functions.

  • Clear the memory cache of your cellphone (the only thing which they do well, and something that you can do yourself from the settings)
  • Clean the big files (this they also do well, and also you can do it yourself)
  • Clean the RAM memory (bad subject)
  • Add a boost to your cellphone (God knows what makes it go faster)
  • Control the battery of your cellphone (they spend more than they save)

The topic is easy, the Cleaners, mainly, delete all applications by force closing, not just removing them from the multitask. This implies an immediate consequence, applications open again to occupy space in the RAM memory, with the consequent expenditure of CPU and RAM.

“The boost which they promise”is no more than the temporary increase in performance which can give a low range phone the closing of processes. However, to the few minutes, all will return to how it was, so it makes litte sense.

What to do to optimize your cellphone

Optimizing cellphones does not happen to use third-party applications, if not because you may yourself be the caretaker. Don’t install bad applications like Facebook, be sure to clean the memory cache once a month, close big games or applications yourself which aren’t going to run later in the background again.

This way, you will save battery, you will improve the performance of your cellphone, and you won’t have problems of any kind, beyond the hardware limitations that your phone may have.

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