Android TV Home arrives at Google Play, all Android Oreo news for Smart TVs

Finally Android TV tastes like Oreo, the guys from Google had shown us Android’s new face for TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and truth be told, we had to wait very few days to see its final arrival, at least in part.

Why do I say in part? Well, because Mountain View’s giant hasn’t released the Android TV with Android 8.0 Oreo yet, which is expected to arrive in a couple weeks to the first TV’s and set-top-boxes, with the news presented at the CES 2018 on top.

What Google has done is listen to the users, confirming a complete renovation of a very criticized interface that is receiving a deep face-wash, looking now to give more importance to content and lees to apps.

Android TV Home, an Oreo taste for Smart TV’s

The new Android TV interface leaves behind the drawer-like appearance of apps, getting smarter and friendlier to users. The menu organization is new, with channels in the middle and the rest of the fields below, which will be the background of contents and apps.

The apps are now in a vertical carousel with contents on its side, sorted by relevance so that the user doesn’t miss anything of importance. Hence, the general view of the apps and content is enhanced, visualizing first what we use and see more frequently without sacrificing important media content.

Everything is customizable, so both users and developers can set the channels to show specific contents and organize them by subject or interests, and contents can even be sort by our preferences, movies, series, songs, games, etc.

Google Assistant will also be more important at the time of centralizing the content search and all the system is getting smarter so the new “Watch now” section recommends us content according to our taste and our app history, adding also animated previews that look like short movies in the thumbnail of each channel.

Google is looking for faster and lighter Android TV updates

As if this was not enough, Google is changing its strategy radically with Android TV, something that a less volatile than smartphones market maybe needs, since TV’s have a longer life than phones, with a medium renovation period of five years.

So it is of the utmost importance in this case to involve manufacturers in the TV updates and if for this the task of updating needs to be facilitated, Google understands it completely…

Android TV Home y Android TV Core Services are already up on Google Play Store and available to be installed in any TV with Android TV 8.0 Oreo, allowing Google to update fundamental aspects of the OS with a simple app store update, and making manufacturer updates easier, which will be lighter, taking out the core of the system and the user interface, that looks like it will not be customizable for manufacturers. Good news!

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