New security flaw that would allow torrent network users to control the computer

We have started the year in a fairly worrisome way. Security holes have started to sprout up on all sides and have already been discovered in various processors or operating systems. And as if we didn’t already have enough, now a new security flaw has been discovered that would permit the computer to be controlled by torrent network users, especially by client Transmission. We will go on with more details about it after the gap.

An important security flaw has been detected in the client BitTorrent known as Transmission which allows web pages to implement a malicious code in the computers of some users. This is what investigators from Google Project Zero, regulars in these things, have found. They have pointed out as well that the same vulnerability could affect other torrent clients in the same way.

Serious security flaw for users of the torrent network

The actions taken by the Google Project Zero security investigators are to advise the developer of the security flaw and then to wait 90 days to publish the details on the internet. This is done to give them time to launch a patch and make sure that a good portion of the users install it. However, this case has been different.

The investigator Tavis Ormandy reported it to Transmission privately and even sent them the patch to close the vulnerability. For this reason, they have only waited 40 days to make it public. It is understood that Transmission, since it does not have to develop the patch, does not need the 90 days to put it in circulation. The problem is that they have not yet “seen fit” to apply it.

Transmission has signaled that they are waiting to be able to launch a patched version sooner than later, but they continue to not give a concrete date. They point out that the vulnerability only affects users with remote control activated and that don’t have it controlled with a password. They understand that if we activate the password, we will not be vulnerable to this security flaw.

Returning to vulnerability, we find ourselves again facing the use of the technique known as domain name system rebinding or DNS rebinding. The investigator signals that Transmission can be controlled when the user visits a malicious website. The exploits function without problems in Chrome and Firefox as much as in Windows and Linux.

Finally, it stands out that this security flaw could be present in more clients for torrent downloads. Nevertheless, these clients’ names will not be revealed because of this policy of waiting 90 days after the announcement to the developer and the publication on the internet. Therefore, we recommend that you apply all the patches that your torrent network client launches.

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